The Death of the Book (As we know it)

Musty Old Bookstore

Musty Old Bookstore

In the last few months I seem to have had similar conversations regarding the death of the bookalbumnewspaper as have been reflected in the media and among digital experts over the last several years. What’s worse is that this realization rests with the senior management structures of each of these companies, and that they appear to be powerless to stop this transcendence *as if you could stop it*. We need to understand and accept that products as we know them will “die” and here are the reasons why:

  1. We need to understand and accept that no-one purchases our products for the inherent manifestation or benefit of consuming the physical embodiment of our actual product, or content. So, in plain speak, the true benefit of our products is the content.
  2. The only reason why our products exist in the form and manner they do today was because no way existed for consumers to get our content in a fast, aggregated manner as and when they needed it in the past. David Weinberger describes this best in his book Everything is Miscellaneous as follows “Bundling songs into long-playing albums lowered the production, marketing, and distribution costs because there were fewer records to make, ship, shelve, categorize, alphabetize, and inventory.” This explanation is relevant to songsbooksnewspapersmagazines or any physical elements where content is bundled together.
  3. Our businesses are not going to disappear into the ether because the format of serving our products are going to change. We might see an initial fall-out as companies fail to adjust and change to this new business models but those organizations that flourish will be those that are nimble enough to change quickly and those that are able to continuously keep abreast of where the customers minds are going.

! By dying I mean changing the manifestation of the products. Books would go digital (eBooks) and Music is available for direct download (MP3’s). Bookstores functions will also change, and become more social and collectable (think coffee table books)


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